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Literalism while translating documents in the international legal proceedings

Literalism while translating documents in the international legal proceedings.

General process of the international integration has begun in Russia and Kazakhstan right after disintegration of the USSR. To globalization of national economies has led to that the goods, services, technologies and the capital have started to cross borders in great volumes. It, in turn, has generated an indispensability of the conclusion of contracts between participants of international trade, as well as has entailed an increase of number of economic disputes.

Kazakhstan to Minimize the Number of Appellate Levels

1. Today’s five-tier judiciary in Kazakhstan

In May 2015, Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev presented his 100 Particular Steps program, which proposed, among other things, major judicial reforms in the country. According to Step 16 of the program, Kazakhstan will make a transition from the current five-level judicial system (trial plus four types of appeals) to a new three-level system. Today, there are four types of appeal available after a district court trial: