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Can a foreign company purchase residential property in Kazakhstan

Although the vast majority of notaries in Kazakhstan believe that a foreign company (i.e. a foreign legal entity, the place of registration of which is not the Republic of Kazakhstan) can not have beneficially owned residential property in Kazakhstan, in fact, it is misleading.
Indeed, current legislation of Kazakhstan prohibits foreigners temporarily staying in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan to have beneficially owned residential property (by virtue of Article 9 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Legal Status of Foreigners”). 

Licensing of scrap procurement activity is abolished In Kazakhstan

As part of the ongoing Kazakhstan policy aimed at reducing the permits and the simplification of licensing procedures in entrepreneurship on March 29, 2016 current Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On permissions and notifications” was amended which lead, among other things, to the abolishment of licensing of scrap and ferrous / non-ferrous metal waste collection (procurement), storage, processing and sale.

Does a Witness Need an Attorney During a Police Interview?

The realities of life are such that, regardless of our will, we often became a witness of a wide variety of events, incidents, situations, which are observed in everyday life. Sometimes it’s pleasant events such as the birth of a child, sometimes unpleasant, such as death. The same is true for certain incidents and situations. Today one can be the witness at the wedding, and tomorrow he or she becomes a witness for a criminal case, after the fight, which took place during the same wedding.

Kazakhstan to Minimize the Number of Appellate Levels

1. Today’s five-tier judiciary in Kazakhstan

In May 2015, Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev presented his 100 Particular Steps program, which proposed, among other things, major judicial reforms in the country. According to Step 16 of the program, Kazakhstan will make a transition from the current five-level judicial system (trial plus four types of appeals) to a new three-level system. Today, there are four types of appeal available after a district court trial:

Restrictions on purchase of property by foreigners in Kazakhstan

Can a foreigner have a house on the right of ownership in Kazakhstan?

Unfortunately, Kazakh law allows a foreign to have a house on the right of ownership only if that person is a resident of Kazakhstan.

For example, Article 9 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Legal Status of Foreigners” stipulates that foreigners in the Republic of Kazakhstan can have a house on the right of ownership (with the exception of temporarily staying foreigners).

Change of Director in the absence of the founders or their refusal to change the Director

According to Art. 253 of the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan the Head of the executive body of the legal entity shall be entitled to terminate the employment contract, notifying the owner of the legal entity authorized by the owner of the property or the person (body) or authorized body of a legal entity in writing at least two months prior. In other words, (…) the director has the right to resign if he would no longer be satisfied with his work.