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Recognition and enforcement of judgments of foreign courts in Kazakhstan

General Provisions

Article 501 of the Civil Procedure Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan provides that decisions, resolutions and rulings on the approval of settlement agreements, judicial orders of foreign courts are recognized and enforced by the courts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, if recognition and enforcement of such acts are provided for by legislation and/or an international treaty, ratified by the Republic of Kazakhstan, or on the basis of reciprocity.

How to Choose the Right Lawyer in Kazakhstan

Currently in Kazakhstan both individuals (in other words, citizens) and legal persons (organizations) are provided with a wide range of rights and freedoms. Sometimes, these rights and freedoms are violated in any way. Given that not everyone is legally competent, and such incidents sometimes make you to seek protection or elementary advice from various legal firms, you should know what legal services in Kazakhstan can help to protect yourself, your family, your business from a variety of threats.

Literalism while translating documents in the international legal proceedings

Literalism while translating documents in the international legal proceedings.

General process of the international integration has begun in Russia and Kazakhstan right after disintegration of the USSR. To globalization of national economies has led to that the goods, services, technologies and the capital have started to cross borders in great volumes. It, in turn, has generated an indispensability of the conclusion of contracts between participants of international trade, as well as has entailed an increase of number of economic disputes.