Legal Services


Our company provides legal services in various areas of law, including in the area of ​​corporate, civil, tax, administrative, criminal, family, labor, customs law, foreign exchange law, international public and private international law.

Using the representation of our company in Astana, Karaganda, Moscow and New York, we are able to competently represent clients in courts of general jurisdiction, and the economic (arbitration) courts, commercial arbitration, including the ICAC in RF, the ICAC at CCI RK, etc.

Being in different countries, our team focuses on resolving internal disputes and legal consulting in Kazakhstan, Russia and the United States, and the resolution of international arbitration and other international legal assistance.

Our team members have extensive experience in the resolution of internal and international disputes, implementation of decisions of arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction, a professional criminal defense, lobbying the interests of entrepreneurs in government, tax disputes, consulting, etc.

In connection with a variety of modern communication capabilities we introduced the model of “mobile office” in which our partners have themselves go to the office of the client or negotiate remotely, thus achieving the effect of saving the client’s time and eliminating geographical barriers.

With the development of Internet technology and various convenient and cheap means of communication (Skype, e-mail, whatsapp, etc.) have not necessarily come to the office to obtain a lawyer for professional advice or litigation organization. Any documents can be sent electronically, many issues and problems can be discussed with the use of modern means of communication, thus eliminating geographical barriers and by providing a choice of lawyer, or a lawyer, based on professionalism, integrity and experience, regardless of its distance from the client.

The Customs Union, later transformed into the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEC), which now includes Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan, has eliminated many of the barriers to mutual trade between the countries, which resulted in an increase in the number of international litigation, the issues of forced enforcement of judgments handed down by foreign courts, increasing the number of consulting services on legal issues, etc. In this regard, given that the offices of our company are including, in Astana and Moscow, with us easier and more affordable to arrange trials or provide consulting services in the relations within these countries.

Activity partners of our company in the capitals of Russia, Kazakhstan and the United States, and in close proximity to them makes it possible to appeal against judicial acts qualified in the highest court of the country to consider the dispute. This often allows you to cancel or change the erroneous judicial acts or unfair verdicts of lower courts, including the spread correct accents on complaints or arguments to look at the case with fresh eyes.

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