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Dear friends!

I welcome you on the website of the International Law Firm SION & Partners.

My name is Maxim Sukhoterin. I am the managing partner of the Law Firm SION & Partners and I am head of the office of the Law Firm in Astana, Kazakhstan.

The Law Firm SION & Partners has united talented and professional lawyers with vast experience.

With its offices in Moscow, New York, Astana and Karaganda, the company provides high-quality legal services in accordance with international standards to Kazakhstan, Russian, American organizations and private individuals, as well as to residents of other countries. To its clients the company guarantees reliability, efficiency, professionalism and decency.

The international law firm SION & Partners has strong business relationships with professional lawyers in various regions of Kazakhstan, Russia and the United States of America, as well as in Belarus, Germany, Great Britain and other countries.

Continuous monitoring of numerous changes in domestic legislation and the mutual enrichment of new knowledge within the team, allows to monitor the latest innovations in the field of law and use them to solve the tasks assigned to us by our customers.

We are ready to apply all our experience, our knowledge and professionalism in providing legal services to solve your problems.

Yours faithfully,

Managing partner

Law Firm SION & Partners

Maxim Sukhoterin

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