Customs Law

We provide legal services in the field of customs law and foreign economic activity (FEA), including:

  • representation and protection of interests in the appeal of customs inspection results: notification of the amount of taxes, customs duties and penalties;
  • disputes about the correctness of the declarant the customs value of the goods;
  • disputes about the correctness of the declarant classification code NFEA;
  • debate on the subject of compliance with customs procedures as the temporary importation, inward processing, etc .;
  • representation of interests in the course of consideration of cases of administrative proceedings and appeals against the decisions of customs authorities the imposition of administrative penalties;
  • appeal certain actions or omissions, as well as the conclusions of the customs authorities;
  • issues related to currency regulation;
  • advising on the choice of delivery conditions according to INCOTERMS-2000 and INCOTERMS-2010;
  • advising on the possibility of optimization of customs duties and taxes on the import and export of goods;
  • advising on the application of exemptions from payment of customs duties within the framework of the bilateral free trade agreements;
  • issues relating to the imposition of administrative sanctions for violation of terms of currency repatriation and others. и др. 
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