Prostitution in Kazakhstan: What Foreigners Need to Know

Analysis of requests in the Internet search services shows that foreigners are actively interested in issues related to prostitution in Kazakhstan. In this article we decided to write the main things that, in our opinion, it is necessary to know for a foreigner with the issues of legal regulation of prostitution in Kazakhstan.


Legislation regulating prostitution in Kazakhstan

  • 1. In Kazakhstan, prostitution is not officially banned, but it is not allowed. For prostitution in Kazakhstan, the prostitute herself or her client can not be held accountable. Earlier, for prostitution could be fined for a small amount, but with the adoption in 2001 of a new Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Administrative Offenses, this responsibility was ruled out. In our opinion, prostitution in Kazakhstan needs legalization and its legal regulation for the purpose of decrease in quantity of violent and sexual crimes against prostitutes, decrease in quantity of the crimes connected with violent involvement of persons in occupation by prostitution including minors (including latent crime), to minimize the number of sex and venereal diseases among prostitutes, to exclude from prostitutes of Kazakhstan of a narcotism and the persons sick of sexual and venereal diseases, and also to deduce this trade from an economic shadow.
  • 2.Since 2014, Kazakhstan’s legislation has introduced administrative responsibility for the provision of premises known to be engaged in prostitution or pandering. Those who provide such premises (leases, for example), knowing in advance that they will be engaged in prostitution, can be fined 700 US dollars (100 MCR), and if they commit such offense repeatedly within a year – up to 1000 US dollars (150 MCR).
  • 3. The Criminal Code of Kazakhstan provides for criminal punishment for procuring (mediation between a hooker and a client for a monetary reward) for mercenary purposes or the organization of brothels (dens) up to 5 years of imprisonment, and in the presence of aggravating circumstances up to 10 years imprisonment (Article 309 of the Criminal Code of Kazakhstan).
    Thus, brothels in Kazakhstan and intermediaries between a client and a prostitute are prohibited and can be brought to strict criminal punishment.
  • 4. Child prostitution, as well as any occupation of sex with a person who is under the age of 16 (for love, etc.) in Kazakhstan is prohibited and severely punished by the Criminal Code of Kazakhstan with imprisonment for up to 5 years, and if such actions are committed Repeatedly, or imprisonment for 10 to 15 years (article 122 of the Criminal Code of Kazakhstan).
Face Responsibility
Prostitute Law is not provided for
The client (a person who uses the services of a prostitute over the age of 18) Law is not provided for
The person who provides the premises Administrative liability: a fine of $ 700, repeated within a year – $ 1000
Organization of a brothel or brokerage for mercenary purposes Criminal liability: imprisonment up to 5 years, and under aggravating circumstances – up to 10 years.

The websites on search of prostitutes in Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan, officially blocked sites in which prostitutes publish their ads (such as, and others), but some of them such as or aren’t blocked yet. These websites are Russian-speaking, but now there are enough online translators where you can translate texts into any language of the world. In fact, there are a lot of prostitutes in Kazakhstan, but the state tries not to advertise them and any advertisement about them blocks and fights against it. Therefore, often prostitutes advertise as services for erotic massage, leisure with a beautiful girl, escort-lady, etc.

Basic Tips

Since you still decided to use the services of prostitutes, the main tips will be as follows:

  • – do not show your wallet with a prostitute (they can steal unnoticed)
  • – try not to use the services of prostitutes on its territory or in saunas not at the hotel. It is much safer if she comes to your territory (hotel room or sauna, located in the hotel).
  • – do not be afraid. In Kazakhstan, you are not threatened with any responsibility for the fact that you have used the services of a prostitute. However, beware of prostitutes and be “on the alert” – rarely, but it happens that prostitutes are accomplices in the theft and robbery
  • – don’t send money to the web purses specified by prostitute as an advance payment as in this case there is a high probability that it is swindlers.
  • – just in case, always carry the phone number of your Kazakhstan lawyer.
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